Saturday, May 06, 2006

here are som pics off all splits in Denmark(or the ones I no about) if you have some more pictures of any other busses, or you are familiar with some of the missing owners, please contact me on click on the little@ on the frontpage - thanks and enjoy
fresh swedish import - owner is missing

busthomas's new cool 70's look samba
owner is missing

owner is sjøgrass - this one is for sale 14000 dkr

owner is missing - this one also for sale 115000 dkr

this pick up belongs to martin

this "19 window" bus belong til lars from the pomfrittes coast

this is bus number 100 on this blog - congrats to the danish bus freaks

it belongs to brunhilde cph

a nice new undiscovered bus owned by wolves

poul sejer's driving panel on old license plates to

the tall man who talks loud - from Horsens ;-)

Peders black plate panel nice RAT ;-)

owner is missing

Lupojespers SO36 he's looking for some easy bodywork before it is on the streets again

J Elneef's old racing team bus - dont now the current owner
the Carøe collection

the carøe collection

the Carøe collection again

the Carøe collection

Jesper VBALL from odense - it is in poland for a paint and a new interior right now ,cool bus

owner is missing

owner is michael from århus - but I think it have been exported to Holland now

owner is missing

owned by a fireman club in løgstør - and it's NOT for sale for whatever

love junkyard pics - owner is missing

søren from randers have this good looking velvetgreen hard top camper , org paint in most of the car

also a poul sejer bus

belongs to poul sejer I think

SO42 belong to a guy from vw klub Nord

Trl's but no sold to another guy

the Carøe collection and Carøe himselves

the Carøe collection

the Carøe collection

owner is missing

Ronnie "ronniedrengen" have this lowered bus , nice thing ;-)

frank mathiesen have this kombi , was nice before it had a repspray mangogreen and offwhite was it - a shame ;-(

thomas356 from MIB has this unrestored ex feuerwehr 67 panel , more details on

i think the owner is called "steller" he's a butcher ;-)

a family member of carsten andersen have this panel

another projekt without name

this one just had a new owner - dont now his name

split261's old licenseplate pick up

Finn , my buddy's, awesome 67 kombi - this baby is real nice

Peterwing's special option bus - panel with samba windows and other things

Solvej - sommersumrombussen from danish television , owned by JK

62 samba - owned by "skrotjohn" undergoing big job right now

German samba import - owned by thomas to

thomas had this one for sale a while ago - dont no if it was sold

owner is missing

owner is NOT missing - i now no is sorenJ

this one been around - among africa some times - dont no the current owner Gus my man - this one took a looong time to restore , but good job GUS

Buller from Ebeltoft - undergoing biig restoration right now

owner is missing

driving around in AAlborg - nice bus

old 57 pick up owned by Andreas - saved from an old grossary store - who havent been entered since the late 70's everything was still standing on the shells in 2006 - wild thing. old org licenseplates to

old swedish import - dobbeltdoor - current owner is missing

old ambulance - owner is missing

this babyy is baaaaad ass looking owned by vwmichael

amasing 40000 km danish since new , org paint to - slidingdoor kombi

barndoor - new owner is carøe ;-) some projekt

UK import by trl - sold to Per frost

US import by Allan Wind - now restored to superb bus - dont have pics of that

owner is missing

US imoport sold by TRL to a girl i dont no the name of - but she's lucky

owner is missing in action

easy projekt sold recently to a man i dont recall hes name but he also have a bay

Bagerbussen - are somewhere in cph and sits still - saad cool looking bus with frederiksberg bageri logos on the site

the MAN morten - he arrange the bus meet in denmark this year - THANKS MAN

Dan Noe's "de luxe" pick up i think it for sale 90000 dkr

Carsten Andersens tottaly nice SO36 - this baby rocks have several magazine posters this DOKA had a lot off owners - dont no the current one - but i think he os doing something good to it right now

this barndoor with a new rear end - owned by a carpenter who still use it for daily transport and work

a samba owned by gejr - big engine bus

another low mile org firetruck owned by Jan Koed

Per Frost - the owner off the Bellabus - was an actor in the danish tv movie "krønikken" lowjob by me

Vwmortens 13w - is now almost done as 21w - this projekt is amasing - probely one off the best jobs i ever seen . he is adm off the dansih

and poul's hippie 23w wating to bee restored

Poul's sons SO33 a rare one and real nice

Duncan's other projekt - now sold to Kenny an awating a full resto

Duncan's long time projekt ;-)

still a company car for a elecrtic fimr in denmark - was given as a present for the owner - have all the original tolls insite - whery nice

another danish samba from 56 , dont remeber his name tho ;-( think it's Per

this panel belong to Svend - have a interresting movie history this one

one off the world oldeste barndoors - more details on

belong to Tonny Larsen - real nice

another danish samba with missing owner

Poul's old org license plate pick up - new owner is missing

danish samba - owned by Dorte Stadil - president of the danish vintage car club

tonnys old barndoor - new owner is missing

owner is missing

one of mr carøe's barndoors good project

owner is missing

danish barndoor - look at for details - for sale my 67 slider ex feuerwehr with 14000 km since 67 for sale 130000 dkr

my 64 US import 13 window de luxe with a samba ragtop